Why rebranding

Why rebranding? and what’s new for our clients

There is no doubt that change is the characteristic of strong people and it is taken for granted that we love an adventure and invention as we always strive to stay out of the ordinary. But this time our motivation behind the change was to develop the system of work, create a real revolution on the hosting market in the Middle East, and change the culture of the audience through providing fast high quality hosting services which present a real value beneficial for the audience.

Over 7 years we witnessed the appearances and disappearances of many companies on and from the market and closures of others. This thinking led us to contemplate the reasons behind this and we found that the main ones were that these companies did not adapt to the change to suit the new needs of the audience – thus failed to present them real value the audiences would benefit from and that would help them achieve their goals and promote their businesses on the internet, in addition to presenting a role model that could be modelled by other companies in serving their clients.

Starting from this point we aimed at keeping up with the new technologies in designing and applying the new standards which can help a lot in presenting and exposing our services on the site for the audience in the simplest and best possible image.

What’s the point?

We know how the Arab audience is attached to our old brand, but the time came to break through to the international market and make our services available worldwide. For these reasons we opted for rebranding.

The challenge was immense, but we had the sufficient courage to engage in the adventure and to achieve that change as the world doesn’t easily change. So as a leading company in this field we had many responsibilities towards our audience in particular and towards the world in general on our shoulders.

A new logo

What is the idea behind this logo and why choose this one?

The conception and design of this logo as well as having it as it is now took us a lot of time and tens of models and examples came out to reach this final and simple image that you can see nowadays. Thus this logo was chosen because it responds to many important standards that we have been working according to. and the most important ones are simplicity, Familiarity, Multiuse, timelessness and Easy to Remember.

A new strategy

We are constantly aware that success and promotion of our leading role in the current times will not be achieved unless we plan well.  This planning, which is the result of good reports and surveys collected over more than 13 years, will guarantee us to stay strong in the circle of competition, which will achieve huge efficiency in producing solutions that will be convenient to our clients and ideally respond to their needs.

For these reasons we work according to strategies and plans that we often update and that enable us to provide cheerful atmosphere, the right solutions for seekers of real value,  valuable clear benefits such as speed, quality, care, suitability, modernity, and performance, through our diversified services suitable for all steps of development of our clients’ businesses and projects.

New services too

Our leading role on the hosting market makes us committed to presenting modern services and solutions which can suit the needs of our clients and the future of internet websites. Our main concern and interest is providing real value with material and tangible benefits that are clear to our clients, such as speed, quality, care, suitability, modernity, and performance.

You may have noticed that these values are reflected on our website and how it is fast and comfortable for visitors to your website to get an experience with performance intermingling with advanced techniques.

We have presented through our website many new hosting services such as echo servers, protected servers, cloud servers, as well as services related to new domains, such as international domains and domains hunting.

It is worth mentioning that echo servers is one of the services unique to MHGOZ which has had the privilege of introducing and advertising it in the Middle East in partnership with the HostDime International datacenter.

Mhgoz is not only for individuals

We remembered to give the same amount of interest, support, and care to individuals as to Arab hosting companies. That is due to our leading role. At MHGOZ we offer a variety of solutions and services suitable for the needs of Arab hosting companies and provide them with an opportunity to present many services of high quality to their clients at the lowest possible cost.

We essentially offer some services that are very important for Arab hosting companies at the lowest cost in the world, such as the cPanel licensing services through our partnership with many international datacenters and technologies manufacturing companies around the world.

We always aim at promoting our partnership with all the companies to provide the highest quality of website hosting services in the Middle East.

Always stay around! 🙂