About Us

Who we are

Mhgoz is a web hosting company that provides high‪ quality web hosting solutions and a rich environment for the growth of online business.‬

Over the last seven years we have witnessed many companies appear on and disappear from the market. That led us to thinking about the secret of continued success and the ability and adaptability to change. Our main goal is to offer new solutions suited to our customers’ renewable requirements.

Today we proudly provide a variety of hosting solutions to over 30,000 websites of small and large scale and even blogs. Our services carry values that generates happiness among our customers.

Our Vision

We believe that we can lead the Middle East and make a real impact on this industry through our commitment to provide web hosting services based on maximum quality and concrete-benefit values for clients, which help them to promote their online businesses and achieve their goals easily with less efforts.

Our Mission

Our mission toward the world, especially the Middle East, is to provide real opportunities for Arab websites to participate in globally competitive market and to become a true partner in creating other success stories of Arab websites by providing high-quality unprecedented host solutions that could effectively impact this industry.

Our Achievements

03 - 03 - 2008

Founded by Ali Elmansy and Yahia Hassan and began to offer hosting services with a team of 3 ambitious partners.‬

12 - 06 - 2010

Mhgoz ranked 4th best Egyptian hosting provider, thanks to the votes of its hosting customers.

01 - 02 - 2011

Mhgoz became the first and only Arabian cPanel certified partner in the Middle East.

01 - 08 - 2013

Mhgoz gets prestigious partner shield‪ from the global data center HostDime as the best partner for 2013.

14 - 07 - 2016

‬Mhgoz rebranded and emerged with a new identity, design, and services for the first time.

Values we give


And who doesn’t look for speed? From the beginning we’ve strived to provide the perfect model of customer service and decrease the average ticket response time to 15 minutes!


We have strong business relationships with our customers based on providing paid services, we really care about the success of our customers’ businesses, and always help them to increase their chances of success on the internet.


We pay attention to details that others don’t see, understand and realize that attention to detail is what makes the difference and will give us the ability to provide the anticipated quality.


Combining achieving desired goals and new technology is not always easy. We are working to integrate our expertise with techniques and modern digital tactics to offer services capable of fulfilling this sometimes challenging equation.


Good performance is our motivation and to compete at high standards of performance is our challenge. We know that improving performance is one of the shortest and most assured ways to strengthen the relationship between the client and the company.


We are well aware that making our services more convenient and easier to use can open a lot of doors to our customers and raise benefit from our services to optimize and achieve their needs for them with minimal or no effort.


I always recommend Mhgoz as one of the best Arabian hosting companies. Since I’d moved my websites to Mhgoz I’ve always had safe and stable service. I feel assured to be in good hands already. My websites are very stable and secure with Mhgoz, which helps my company, as I concentrate all my efforts on achieving my goals and improving my work without getting distracted with anything related to hosting. Thank you, Mhgoz team!

Salah Elimam, Lioit.com

Five years ago I was looking for a good Arabian hosting company and I chose Mhgoz as it has a very good reputation and I had for many years been aware of their strong commitment,   high level of services, and great professionalism while taking care of my websites and managing any problems that occured. Whenever I face any problem, they offer the best alternatives and solutions with focus on the weak points as well as their recovery. All the merit goes to ALLAH first, then to Mhgoz and its wonderful work team. Thus I recommend this company to my friends and whoever asks me about a web hosting company. I always point out its considerable options not available elsewhere, and say that it is the best web hosting company in the Middle East.

Abdullah Alaboody, aghnam.com.sa

I chose Mhgoz for its good reputation among my friends and I transferred to it after having some problems related to the speed and stability of the website with the previous service provider. All these problems vanished after moving to Mhgoz. That’s why I tell everyone to choose it as it is characterized by its fast technical support and its ability to solve any problem and provide safe backup solutions, which reassures me about my business with them.

Eng. Ahmed Hassan, 2code.org