Logo concept

Mhgoz logo is characterized by combining the vision and identity of the company, idea of our logo come from merging letter “م” with letter “ج” (Arabic letters of Mhgoz word) forming that infinity symbol, that reflect the company's vision for its service and its ongoing support.

Logo size

logo designed in different sizes in order to suite any environment.

mhgoz colors

The three colors white, turquoise and black were used to express Mhgoz identity, as these colors have a formal touch which suits hosting and support services, as turquoise color indicates to easy handling, white color indicates to simplicity and black color indicates to seriousness. and we have combined the three colors as follow:

here, the codes of each color mode

mhgoz typography

we used “open sans” font for English text and “neo sans” for arabic text due to its simplicity and legibility.

Open sans

0123456789 — &*#@?!/+(.,:;)

New sans

ابجد هوز حطي كلمن سعفص قرشت ثخذ ضظغ

Here it is Mhgoz identity, presented to you in more many forms.


We provide all elements you may need to use Mhgoz's name in any design, starting from logo to advertising materials that can be used in events or conferences.