Why you should use official email address for your business

Imagine that you are looking for a real estate company on the internet and you want an authentic professional company that you can rely on, while you are searching you found the right company, everything seems good until you read their e-mail address: [email protected] 

Or you are in a conference that has lots of companies when you met a CEO who you like his talk and want to contact him later, then he gave you his business card with e-mail like “ [email protected] “.

Free e-mails destroy your authenticity towards your customers, as it is irrelevant like wearing beach clothes at formal business meeting with a bank manager

Using an official premium e-mail helps you build a positive perception about your brand, so if you have a website for your business, you should use premium e-mail that carry your website name like [email protected] or [email protected] .

Building your brand

As you see an e-mail like “[email protected]” contains your website name “”. That enables anyone who contact you on this e-mail to reach your website easily. While using a free e-mail like “[email protected]” will not give the potential customers any indication about your website or how to reach it.

Authenticity and trust

Your official premium e-mail builds trust with your audience and customers, unlike the free e-mail, as customers always looking for any evidences that shows how legal this company before dealing with it. So, if you have a website don’t give anyone the chance to doubt your authenticity and if you don’t have one, nothing is easier than building a website within minutes nowadays.


Lots of people use free e-mail service, so finding a simple name for your free e-mail is almost impossible, which means that you’ll have to add some numbers or additional words to get available e-mail name. If the e-mail “[email protected]” is not professional, then “[email protected]” is so much worse. So, you have to search and brainstorm for real special unique names that may suits your business culture.

On the other hand, your official e-mail can be more simple and will consist of any name you choose, plus the domain name, eg [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc.


If you have started your business alone then the company grew to have ten employees or more, then using an official e-mail is the only way to manage this growth. When you have an e-mail like [email protected] then creating a new e-mail for another employee with [email protected] will not be that hard.

But if you are using free e-mail, it will cause you a headache to waste such amount of time in brainstorming to get a unique e-mail name with adding some numbers and nick names, it’s very ridiculous, isn’t it?


If your free e-mail has been hacked or blocked, you will be having very few options to get it back because you don’t own this e-mail, so will you be able to adapt with losing an e-mail and all of it’s messages forever?

For any reason, the e-mail provider has the right to delete your e-mail as it’s free, and no customer can contact you then.

Simply, you can avoid this issue by using official premium e-mail that you own it by yourself, you have the full control of your e-mails and all of your data and messages are safe.

Official e-mail addresses are easy

The benefits of these e-mails are countless, it’s easy to set e-mail accounts when buying a domain and hosting service. Also managing these accounts are very easy, it can be managed by software like outlook and through multiple different devices like iPhone, android, etc.

Contact us if you want to get an official premium e-mail and we will help you choose your domain name and the right hosting plan  🙂