Why you should choose your web hosting carefully

You know that you need a web hosting company to run your website. You also know that your choice of the type of web hosting service from that company helps to achieve your goal well, we explained earlier in the post (what is web hosting, its types and differences between each of them) .

But is choosing a web hosting service that easy? Of course not, your website is your interface and your online store, which is supposed to be available to your visitors/potential customers 24 hours, it’s one of your most important marketing channels, if it’s not the most important one, at the moment.

In this post, we will explain 5 reasons that choosing an appropriate hosting company is very important and affects your brand directly either negative or positive.

So, what will happen when you choose a bad hosting that is not suitable for your website?

1.Your website stops working at the most important times

Of course, you plan to spread your brand and double the number of visitors to your website every day, but when you choose a weak hosting service, the first bad thing you get is that your website stops many times and may occur at the most important times for you or when an important potential customer visits your website and you have made a great effort to attract to him to visit it.

2. The negative impact on search engines results of your website

Bad web hosting is the most common reason behind downtime due to reliance on low quality hosting servers and cheap hardware. Your website’s downfall often results in a loss of search engine trust, resulting in low search results. This is the last thing you want. This will affect negatively the numbers of visitors that come organically from search engine and if your website is a business, you’ll lose a lot of potential customers, threatening your brand and impacting it’s image into the eyes and brains of your customers.

3. Visitors close your website within seconds of opening it

Think with yourself how many times you’ve closed a website because of its low speed, poor web hosting makes your website slow and boring and will not be visited more than once. Only high-quality hosting services give you the opportunity to make your website at the maximum possible speed.

4. Financial loss will chase you unceasingly

Now imagine that your slow boring website has stopped for several days or even a few hours. Your potential customers will not be able to visit it and thus leads to a loss for your company. This has already happened once with Amazon International when the service was interrupted for about 40 minutes costing Nearly 5 Million dollars.

If your website stops for a few hours you lose, maybe not that much money but it will cause a great loss, and you can also read deeper (for this reason you may reap losses from your website instead of getting profits).

Your choice of a reputable web hosting company that is concerned with the quality of the services provided will reduce your website downtime due to server downtime or problems with your service provider and may even eliminating the chances of stopping your website to none.

5.Possibility of being hacked easily

There is no web hosting service can make your website 100% secured, but high-quality protected hosting services and reputable companies will make your website as secure as possible and take the necessary measures to prevent data loss if an attack occurs.

As they provide backup copies automatically every 24 hours, every week and every month on the server hosting your website, and even copying the data on other external servers separate in case natural disasters occur to the server or the data center itself, so you can easily restore all your data in case these events happened or if your website is compromised for attacks or if you accidentally delete some files in the worst of circumstances.

Be careful before choosing a web hosting company for your website and remember how your choice will affect your brand’s reputation, and how that will affect your profits from your website.

Choose a web hosting company that provides high quality services and ensures that they can offer up to 99.9% uptime to help you to appear in the front of search results, as well as a high speed of browsing, high level of security for your data and the internal & external backups.

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